How to borrow the book ?

* Due to high demand, I temporarily suspend lending books. sorry for inconvenience. 

This book is free to borrow for anyone who wants to see it. Please use the contact form below. I will locate the nearest book holder. You will then receive the book directly from the previous holder. Postage fees will be kept at a minimum when possible.

There are a few things I would like to ask.

  1. If you borrow the book, please send or hand it off to the next person. I will let you know to whom and where the book will go next. If you wish to give the book to someone you know, please inform me of the person’s contact information so that I can locate the book. If the book needs to be mailed, I kindly ask you to cover the postage fees. I will try to arrange the book to be obtained from the nearest borrower. 
  1. If you borrow the book, I would appreciate it if you can write or draw something on the blank pages or even pasting photos. Anything is fine: what you feel or think, or message to the girls inside… Anything! If you can write your name or nickname, that would be very much appreciated.
  1. When you receive the book, please let me know the name of the city you are in. I will make a map of where the books are traveling to (just the city name). I would also appreciate it if you can take a picture of the book, or with the book, so that I can upload it to the book blog. If you have anything else to say, I would like to put it on the blog along with the picture.
  1. After this book journey is finished, I will publish a book about this project. Please allow me to publish in the book to come whatever you write or draw for this project.